Welcome! Bienvenue! Vellkommen! Karibu! Bienvenido! Failte!

Hello! I'm not a stealer of travel but everyone thinks I travel more in a year than most do in a lifetime. This is to help me remember all the little bits of my journeys and help inspire other travelers and wannabe explorers!

I've had the opportunity to travel a lot and I owe some of that to the industry I work in: Tourism. I should preface this blog with ground rules concerning my job:
I do work in the travel industry for a tour operator in the US.
I won't ever talk about what exactly my role is with the company.
I won't mention the company name.
If I do travel with the company on a tour, I won't mention that I am with the company on tour.
I also won't talk about specific hotels unless it's something that truly adds to the experience of a destination like the tent camp I stayed in Tanzania.  Even then, I probably still won't actually mention the hotel name.
This should keep all the information neutral on the blog.