Flu flu baby, you cold?

GET OUT. Vanilla Ice was on the quarantined Emirates plane today that sat on the JFK tarmac? If you don't know the story, the plane was detained after landing in New York due to multiple people exhibiting symptoms of some illness. It seems it was only about 10 people and that it ended up probably being the flu, but it still seems fishy. One report said 100 people were ill...which to be fair, I've been on one of those jumbos from Dubai to New York and 100 people is like the equivalent of 10 on any other airline. Those airplanes are HUGE. It took 2 hours to get my baggage and there was still luggage coming out and sitting on the carousel.
Also, can we address the quote from Mr. Vanilla Ice where he says it was only the passengers on the "lower section" of the plane? Ouch... I mean, I know that the business and first class seats are on the 2nd floor of this plane but ouch..