Friyay! Travel planning plans

Happy Friday...HAPPIER WEEKEND! Weekends for me mean I can sit down and research for upcoming trips, scheduled or not. I want to get the most out of every trip (even if it's just a trip to the next town over!) and I love to do the legwork researching all sorts of options. I know, I know, NERD ALERT :-) Remember, research also means looking up restaurants and drooling over the food you're going to eat wherever you are going.

On the docket for this weekend is to start for my Bali and Hong Kong trip later this year. Both are first time visits for me so the world is my oyster. Mmmmm...oysters...

After that, I'm trying to decide what next year's big trip is going to be. Africa is basically which leaves a lot of options! The Hubs already vetoed Sudan (but pyramids! C'mon...;-)) and I have some other thoughts. The challenge is trying to maximize time to the hour (I take my vacation days very seriously), money (who doesn't?) and freedom vs handholding (to tour or not to tour).

Sometimes I'll pick a time of year I want to travel and let the destination fall into place. Two years ago I went to Tanzania purely because I wanted to go away late January/early February and I found a tour that fit in. I mean, I wanted to go to Tanzania desperately, but I was less than 3 months out booking a trip to Africa. Not exactly the destination driving the choice in that case.

Anyone out there got anything fun planned for travel near term or long term?