Feeling Squirrel-y? Airline emotional support animals

Not even going there about the emotional support squirrel bit (OK, in posting this I guess I AM going there ;-)) but how emotionally fragile are you if you are flipping people off after being kicked off the flight?
Personally, I think there are probably a small subset of people that desperately need these animals because of some trauma, but most people are just trying to get their pet on the flight.  Someone even tried to get a PEACOCK on a flight in Newark.  I am an animal lover, and if the squirrel was properly contained, it's less offensive than other animals...
....Such as the small furry dog that was jammed under my seat by the woman behind me on my flight from Athens to Crete this Summer.  The dog was generally fine except its owners: Wealthy grandma who kept blabbing about chartering a private jet and yachts blah blah blah AND bratty teenage granddaughter who whined the entire time and was super rude to Grandma and the flight attendants.  Then SuperBrat proceeded to drag the fluffy dog out of the terminal after we landed as it peed all over the floor and didn't tell anyone.  She did notice it and I went to look for someone...and then a cab driver stepped in it. Ugh.
Woman Kicked off Flight For Emotional Support Squirrel
Let Me See Your Peacock