I think I need to get on a plane

Fair warning that there is nothing specifically travel related or useful in this post. Still bored enough to read on? Have at it then ;-)

I just woke up from a travel dream (Ok...nightmare) that combined all of the travel missteps into one swirling mess. This is probably because I have been stressing about emailing the lodge in Belize for the 100th time about changing the dates of our stay...each time thinking that it is going to be the final one. 

It starts when getting off the plane. The seats are so close together that I can barely squeeze through and instead of waiting for people to get off in order, it's everyone for themselves. I keep hitting the people still seated with my backpack even though I am trying not to. The seats themselves are red patterned and that fuzzy fabric you find on buses.

I make it out into the terminal and it is the generic look of metal, sunlight and plants. Somehow, I had collected more items in getting off the plane. I was desperately stuffing them into my checked bag which then disappeared. However, I ended up with even move stuff which I stuffed into my backpack, which now resembled a large duffle bag that was the size of my body.

At some point, I realized that I was in terminal B and needed to get to terminal C, but the initial wave of passengers had disappeared along with all the taxis. There was 1 taxi still parked there, but the driver was asleep on a bench.  I didn't want to wake him up so I sat there with all of my stuff fretting about I was going to get to the next terminal.  Did I have time to walk?  As I was looking around, someone was looking at my ridiculous pile stuff in the middle of the floor and I accused a woman in turquoise and yellow, with her child, of stealing. She had the steely calm to deny it and move on.

Someone clearing trash woke the taxi driver up, but he looked really sleepy, and I decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to have him drive me even though his taxi was parked right there.  I set about trying to walk to the terminal with my stuff in tow, which was ever multiplying.  It now included:

*My original, now gigantic, backpack

*Two plastic display cases, approximately 2 x 2 feet. Never figured out what the models were of inside them.

*A hand truck with 20 bags of sugar. Or flour. I think it changed. That was the most annoying because this, and the display cases, somehow related to whatever job I had.

*Another heavy, awkward object that I have forgotten what it is. I'm think something like a small engine?

*A large, assembled, Lego set...because why not at this point?

I made it as far as a restaurant that had picnic tables for seating. A group of girls from Germany started pointing and laughing at me. I was annoyed...but really, I think they were justified in laughing at me.

There was some other general airport scenes that played out during the dream. I think I made it to the wrong gate and that's when I started to wake up.

Needless to say, I woke up annoyed. 

It's going to be strange when I finally get back on a plane again. Hope I don't forget my Lego set.