I came across an article in Travel + Leisure that talked about sending postcards - whether you were traveling or not.

About a year and a half ago, one of my close friends at my travel job (we had been there the whole 13 years together) decided to leave to take on the job of stay at home mom. I struggled to think about what I could do to mark our time spent together but what token would do that?

Inspiration struck, and I went online and bought a stack of postcards. I took half of them, stamped them, and put my address on them to give to my friend.  I kept the other half for myself so that we would have a way to continue our little "chats" that we would have at the office or the notes that we would leave for each other.

Little did I know that the Pandemic would strike 3 months later and this would be a blessing for communication. I also like the postcard idea because it is just a little note and it doesn't need to be for any occasion.

I purchased London postcards, like the one pictured, because we had spent some fun times at World Travel Market when she was living in Ireland. I have tons of postcards that were purchased but never sent during travels because of the hassle of trying to figure out how to purchase stamps and then how to send them. Also, due to the accessibility of internet via cell phones, you are always in communication with someone. I no longer had to find internet cafes (Australia, 1999) or use the business center in the hotel (Turkey, 2009). Actually, Turkey was probably the last time I sent a lot of postcards, including one to myself!

Do you send postcards when you travel? Or are you like me and have the best intentions, but never send? ;-)