Arrivederci Street Gelato

I'll get back to some more travel experience content and less links this weekend. It's been a helluva week. But I can't help sharing all these little things I keep finding. This for example is crazy.

The Florence City officials have a trial ban on snacking outside of sitting in cafes during lunch and dinner hours with hefty fines of up to 500 euros. The article makes a good point that if this is to help control the actions of inconsiderate tourists, wouldn't benches and more trash cans benefit both residents and tourists alike? I can't imagine that the gelato or panini shops are happy about this. It is only four streets that are effected but it still seems kind of ridiculous. One of the things I always do in Italy is enjoy a gelato to go, no matter the weather. :-) Italy is getting wacky in trying to curb the crush of tourists and this seems to be another ill thought out plan.