Best Job Ever?

Vidanta, a group of resorts based in Mexico, seems to think so. They've recently blasted out a job for a Brand Ambassador for a year on the very subtle web address of World's Best Job:

Essentially you are getting paid to promote the resorts on social media for a year.  Not a bad gig if you can pack up and relocate for a year. The job advert itself is clever enough.  I've never heard of this group of hotels before and I'm not the only one that's sharing this job.  Things that I would love to do:
  • Ushering baby turtles into the ocean
  • A whale shark swim-along
  • Setting your alarm so you catch every sunset (TTT: What??? Not sunRISE?)
  • Learning new recipes from Michelin Star chefs
  • Naming all the blow-up pool animals (TTT: Done and DONE. Meet 'Mijo the Flamingo')
  • Experiencing golf the way Tiger Woods probably does (TTT: I'd rather play like Rory McIlroy to be honest ;-))
  • Expanding your repertoire at Karaoke Night
  • Tasting the difference between Blanco, Resposado, and AƱejo tequila
Unfortunately The Thief is paler than the moon and relaxing is not her skill set so no applications will be coming from this traveler. ;-)  I could probably eat tacos every day though. Is the job title of The Taco Thief already taken??